Why my offer?


I have experience as a freelance copywriter since 2013

Since I graduated I have written contents for: companies, public sector, advertising agencies, engineering companies, architecture studios, medical centers and tourism companies. Since then on the list keeps growing.


I believe in the content I deliver

Each project is an opportunity to discover new sectors and new people.
I respect the mandatories of each project and I work to make sure the contents go in line with the goals of my customers.


I trust the power of effective communication and ideas well told

I work to create coherent and relevant and valuable messages. I work to provide my customers with a notorious story.


I respect deadlines

My customers’ priorities are my priorities. I work willing to ensure all the contents are delivered as required. I respect the scheduled deadline.


I am good at interacting with different agencies and professionals

Working as freelance copywriter enables me interacting with different professionals and implement content strategies for each project. Interacting with different people is easy for me and I take advantage of it on behalf of each project.


C2 Spanish and Catalan & C1 English

Mastering written and oral expression is useful for copywriting. I also have the Certificate Advanced English.


SEO techniques for my customers

I use my SEO knowledge in order to optimize the contents of my customers.


Telework: 99,9% of the time

I participate in projects without need to move. Most of the projects are done through teleworking.


Discretion: a rising value

I do respect the privacy of my customers. Hence, I make sure all the contents are published accordingly to the agreed topics.

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